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UP Your Game

Project Type: Video Lecture Series Branding

UP YOUR GAME is a new, video lecture series designed for the advanced learner to gain the latest industry knowledge from the experts of Emerson Network Power. I developed a new brand identity that defines the training series as a creative, nontraditional approach to elearning.

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What People Are Saying

  • Luisa Mendonca - Instructional Designer at Emerson Network Power

    Jessica's work is beautiful, fast and of high quality. I have worked with Jessica in course development for a number of years and she has a way to present the information in a clean, attractive package that is user-friendly too. As a colleague, she is very easy to work with and is always ready to help.
  • Joe Holmes - Strategic Communications SME at LSINC

    Unbelievable eye for design! Jessica is an outstanding designer, leader, and art director. You won't be disappointed in her work!
  • Michael Bertoldi - Director of Corporate Development, PROJECTXYZ, Inc.

    I've worked with Jessica on multiple projects and have also been the recipient of her excellent work. Jessica is a versatile creative talent, able to provide professional design for many different mediums in many different forms. With the experience to bring copy to life with visuals or give a brand an identity, I would trust Jessica with any of my design projects.
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